Terms of sale
Terms of sale

Terms of sale and delivery ChemsIND

I. Conclusion of a contract with ChemsIND

1. Analysis reports and other descriptions of goods in analysis certificates, catalogs, technical passports or other submitted product documents are only gross authoritative, unless explicitly stated as mandatory. They do not constitute an agreement or guarantee of the relevant constitution of goods. Everything else applies only if the ChemsIND business manager explicitly defines the product description as a guarantee or agreement on the legal and factual nature and conveys this to the customer in writing.

2. ChemsIND reserves all property rights and copyrights associated with all proposal documents. Such documents cannot be submitted to third parties.

3. Orders in ChemsIND without obligation. The reluctance of ChemsIND regarding proposals, orders, requirements or other explanations given by the customer is applied only as an approval, if it has been clearly agreed in writing. Any order confirmation created in electronic form that does not have a signature and name is considered a written form.

4. If the customer has been unilaterally canceled by the customer or an order, a partial order, unilaterally canceled by the customer, the customer must reimburse ChemsIND for all expenses incurred as a result of the cancellation, cancellation of the contract; this applies in particular to cancellation or cancellation fees that were charged to ChemsIND for delivery, costs for the purchase of goods that cannot be returned, and all other expenses that were charged to ChemsIND during contract management and cancellation, such as court fees. costs, shipping costs, etc.

II. Delivery terms

1. If the customer does not explicitly insist on a particular delivery method, then the type of delivery is at the discretion of ChemsIND, including transportation and choice of courier service. Delivery can be by air, rail, sea or road.

2. All supplies are quoted in factories or warehouses. Relevant current logistic fees apply, displayed online on our website www.chemsind.com

3. Return of goods and the corresponding credit note are possible only with the consent of ChemsIND and must always comply with ChemsIND instructions for returning supplies. The customer is responsible for following these instructions. This applies in particular to the review of the applicable legal provisions concerning the delivery and packaging of dangerous goods. All commitments for the delivery of ChemsIND are subject to the limitation “while stocks remain.” Therefore, ChemsIND can withdraw from the contract if the available stock is exhausted.

III. Delivery time

1. Terms of delivery and terms are not binding if they were not explicitly stated as mandatory.

2. Delivery terms begin with order entry or sending an order confirmation via ChemsIND, if applicable.

3. Delivery conditions are met if the goods left the site before the expiration of these conditions.

4. In case of delay in delivery, the customer has the right to withdraw from the contract after a fruitless expiration of a reasonable extension of 4 weeks with the refusal to accept the performance that he gave to ChemsIND after the delay in delivery.

5. In the case of holidays (for example, Christmas, Easter, Chinese New Year, etc.) The delay may be more.

IV.Prices and Payment

1. ChemsIND accepts several payment options, the customer agrees to the conditions associated with the relevant payment options. We accept payment:

•Western Union
• Money Gram
• Bitcoin (3% discount)

2. The customer undertakes to make payment on time and on time and pay all taxes and fees regulated by these payment systems.

V. Passage of risk

1. The risk is transferred to the customer after the goods are transferred to the person responsible for the shipment, or left the ChemsIND website for delivery. This also applies to partial deliveries or if ChemsIND absorbed other services, such as transportation costs.

2. If the customer does not do this or violates other obligations to cooperate, ChemsIND may demand compensation for the damage incurred, including possible additional costs. The risk of accidental loss or accidental degradation of the goods passes to the customer at the moment when his postponement of acceptance begins. ChemsIND has the right, after the fruitless expiration of a reasonable grace period, to dispose of the goods otherwise and to make delivery to the customer for a sufficiently long period.
3. Delivered goods are accepted by the customer regardless of any claims based on defects, even if there are minor defects in the products.

VI. Customer use of products

1. ChemsIND products are intended for laboratory experimentation and cannot be used for other purposes unless other data, ChemsIND catalogs or other documents submitted to the customer are indicated on the product labels. Especially those ChemsIND products cannot be used for the diagnosis and production of food and pharmaceutical products in medical devices, as well as cosmetic products.

2. ChemsIND does not check products for safety and efficacy of food products, pharmaceutical products, medical equipment, cosmetics, as well as commercial or other purposes, unless otherwise stated in the documents transmitted by ChemsIND. ChemsIND directly advises the customer to properly test, use, manufacture and advertise products obtained from ChemsIND, and / or products obtained using ChemsIND. The customer must check the possible risks and hazards and carry out all other potentially necessary research work in order to catch up with the hazards that may arise from the use of products obtained from ChemsIND. The customer must also warn its customers and support personnel (for example, transport operator, etc.) regarding the potential risks and dangers associated with the use or processing of products.

3. ChemsIND products are listed in the Ordinance List for the Prohibition of Chemicals or in other legal ordinances. The customer himself is responsible for complying with legal regulations concerning the handling of substances obtained through ChemsIND.

4. ChemsIND directly advises the customer to check the ingredients of the product provided by ChemsIND.

VII. Warranty Rights and Obligations

1. If you receive any information, please give me your information. The client must describe its defects or justify it through analysis.

2. ChemsIND should be given the right to withdraw from the obstacle. If you need to insure, ChemsIND must be in a reasonable time. Claims for customer compensation are excluded.

IX. export

1. ChemsIND explicitly informs the customer that during export, the delivery goods are subject to the relevant restrictions of the destination country. ChemsIND reserves the right to conduct an internal peer review to determine whether a contract can be executed at ChemsIND’s discretion. In this regard, the customer may be required to obtain the necessary certificates and submit them to ChemsIND for verification.

2. The customer cannot sell ChemsIND products or provide them to third parties without our consent and agreement.

X. Privacy Protection

ChemsIND collects only the data required for order processing. ChemsIND does not provide information to third parties, authorities or other institutions. Customers can cancel their client account at any time and unsubscribe from the newsletter.


I. Requirements for clients when entering into an agreement with ChemsIND

1. In order to be at least 18 years old and have full legal capacity, we are entitled to request documents for verification.

2. That an ordered article does not violate ChemsIND export restrictions and is not subject to legal restrictions in the respective country of destination.

3. The client knows that chemicals contain hazardous components that can harm human life or health due to their storage or use.

4. The client does not use the obtained chemicals for the illegal production of explosives, pyrotechnic complexes or objects, chemical weapons, drugs and psychotropic substances. He also confirms that he does not use all the chemicals and compounds obtained for the above-mentioned illegal purposes.

5. He has the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge for the use of hazardous substances and the individual responsibility for complying with the safety measures necessary for the storage and use of hazardous chemicals.

If one of these provisions is made legally invalid, the validity of the other clauses will not be affected as a result. In this case, the invalid passage is replaced with a valid condition that is closest to the original intention.

Free shipping

When ordering goods worth over $ 250, we pay for shipping. Please refer to local requirements and conditions.

1. For orders of SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH CHEMICALS, we have the right to independently carrier courier who offers the best conditions for your country of destination.

We reserve the right to cancel your order if we have doubts about the legality of the chemical (goods) you order in your country of destination.