Treatise on LSD
Treatise on LSD
Treatise on LSD

I believe that of all the drugs on the black market today, LSD is the strangest and most mysterious. This is the newest and most important drug that came to us from a psychotropic subculture. Huxley conducted experiments with mescaline long before psychotropic substances became widespread on a market scale, but these experiments had a completely different framework than the ubiquitous use of drugs today. Perhaps the main exponent of the idea of ​​creating a great society based on psychotropic drugs was Antonin Artaud, who himself conducted experiments with peyote in Mexico. The difference between the experiments of Huxley and Artaud is that Huxley conducted experiments from the walls of his laboratory, under the control that he himself carried out, and Artaud made them part of his life. Thanks to his acquaintance with peyote, Artaud has changed, but was it bad? A dirty shirt will also change if you wash it. Because of this change, Artaud was able to comprehend and understand ideas and worldviews of a different level. He was able to move away from rationalism, not to use modern methods of organization, and even modern truths. Artaud found, in his own way, his own truth and his own structure of categories. They cut him off from the rest of the world …

Treatise on LSD
Treatise on LSD

“I died in Rodez under electric shock.
I died. In terms of law and medicine.

The coma after the electric shock lasted 15 minutes.
Half an hour or more, and then the patient began to breathe.

An hour after the shock, I still did not wake up and stopped breathing.
Surprised by my pathological survivability, the laboratory assistant went for a physiotherapist who, after listening to me through a stethoscope, did not find any signs of life in me. ”

This is an excerpt from Artaud’s Anthology, published by City Life Publisher. It then seemed to me completely impossible to sweep this aside as crazy nonsense; maybe this is true, or maybe only nonsense, and suddenly there is no truth at all, but there is only insanity and a healthy state of the psyche, logic and its absence. If you can accept the acceptable, then you will find a narrow path to the understandable, but the existence of a lack of logic and the so-called madness will always beckon and sound in the distance with a monotonous song. LSD never causes madness. He has no such power. Only a person can choose between rational and crazy states. I have never seen a crazy bird. There are certainly people who have never experimented with psychedelics, but this is there, and there must be their choice.
LSD allows you to look at ordinary, everyday things, and even at yourself, as for the first time, and quite distinctly. A person can watch, and false values ​​and a socially narrow horizons do not interfere with him. He can look at the world and see beauty where he had not seen it before. At first, he may feel irritation. He can laugh at the many absurd things surrounding him. He can look inward and clearly see mold and rot. LSD will not take away the best qualities of your personality.
LSD cannot plunge you into madness, nor can it make you sweeter and prettier. All that LSD can do is show what you stand as a person and break your self-image. LSD is not a religion, and I have never found anything divine in all of this. True religion, if you want to use this term, it is being, as such. LSD is nothing more than a medium for revealing the essence of being.

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