The word “morphine” is known to everyone. But few are familiar with the specifics of this substance and knows about its properties. In the consciousness of most people, it is firmly associated with a drug. But is it really?
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If you speak a medical language, morphine is considered an alcoholoid opium. Its content was found in a sleeping pills, Lunobeanik, Stefania.

Pretty rarely meets in such varieties like tricliza, crotone, octo. Morphine is not difficult. The substance is easy to get from latex (dried juice), pre-finely cutting immature pods of poppies. This alkaloid is contained in opium in the form of sulfuric and lactic acids, as well as a mecona salt. Its concentration can reach 26%, but on average, this indicator does not exceed 12%.

The origin of Morphine

For the first time, Morphine was obtained at the very beginning of the 19th century. The progenitor of the substance is considered to be the German Chemist Friedrich Surrunner, who in 1804 discovered this drug. But the starry hour of Morphine came much later – in 1857, when the first syringe was invented.

The German scientist considered him a good sleeping pills, therefore, and gave the name of the substance in honor of the Greek god Morpheus. In addition, according to Surrunner, this drug replaced the opium well, as a result of which it was successfully used to treat opiomania. Positive results led to the fact that the dangerous consequences of the use of the substance were far from immediately.

No matter how paradoxically sounded, but his creator became the victim of Morphine. However, Serverner only understood the end of his life, which is the cause of his ailment. It turned out that morphine is even more addictive than opium. So in 1874 there was a new term – morphineism, meaning a dependence on morphine. Moreover, psychological dependence occurs very quickly, physical – a little slower.


Morphine – Indications for use

However, in the case of morphine, not everything is so unambiguous. If they do not abuse, then it does not show its negative properties. This drug is still used in modern medicine. It is white crystalline, which over time can buy a flaw yellowness. A drug is produced in tablets, ampoules and syringe tubes. Most often, the substance is used in the form of injections. Depending on the appointments of the doctor can be administered intravenously, intramuscularly, subcutaneously.

Indications for use can be called:

-Strong physical pain, for example, with myocardial infarction, in injuries, malignant formations.
-With a strong shortness of breath, cough that are caused by heart failure.
-Before preparing for operations or in the postoperative period.
-With insomnia, especially if it is caused by strong painful sensations.
-With X-ray studies of the intestine to identify tumors or ulcers.

Morphine acts directly on the nervous system, thereby reducing the pain. Physically, a healthy person, without diseases of the lungs and hearts, can calmly transfer the abolition of the drug. However, in such cases, negative consequences sometimes appear: epileptic seizures, convulsions, suicide. Side effects of the substance can show themselves in the form of dizziness and increasing intracranial pressure, bronchospasm and tachycardia, vomiting and nausea. Especially carefully you need to prescribe morphine to kids up to 2 years. Since they are characterized by greater sensitivity, the consequences of the drug sometimes cause unpredictable reactions.


Signs of morphine – dependence

As it often happens, the healing drug attracted the attention of drug addicts, because it improves the mood, causes a lightweight euphoria, begins to act in 10 minutes. Moreover, such a state can last up to 8 hours.

Determine the morphineist is very simple. It will always be issued:

-Temaful eyes with a reddish tint and narrowed pupils.
-Scars (and in case of non-compliance with ulcers) on the skin at the place of administration of the drug.
-Relaxity, apathy, lethargy and drowsiness.
-Incorrect intestinal operation – diarrhea or constipation.
-Decrease temperature. Pretty frequent cases when chills in combination with goose leather is replaced by heat.

The effects of consumption of morphine

The uncontrolled use of the drug cannot lead to anything good. Such a person is more subjected to various diseases of the lungs or heart, hepatitis, decrease in immunity, the development of enzeloofatia, which causes the death of the cerebral cells. Broke can begin 10-12 hours after the last drug intake. Abstineent syndrome usually lasts up to 2 weeks.

Scary psychological dependence on morphine. Even if there is no physical need to use a substance, drug addicts still can not cope with everyday activity and think about the preparation. That is why among such people a percentage of recurrences (up to 96%). To get rid of psychological addiction, it is advisable to change the situation and determine the motivation of drug abandonment and healthy behavior.

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